Bump Update: Week 30

Here she is

It’s so strange to see how my stomach changes based on how she’s laying in there. Sometimes I look really wide, but other times I have a huge hard bump. Our little wiggler moves nonstop.
My favorite is still when Matt talks to her and she responds my kicking him in the head.

I had my 30 week checkup this week. Everything looks great, except I failed my 3 hour glucose screen. I have to go to a class in gestational diabetes and monitor myself at home. I really beat myself up about it, but my Dr says sometimes it just happens no matter what your diet looks like. I haven’t gained a ton if weight but it’s clear that my body isn’t processing like it should based on the results of the test.
Matt found a good use for the boppy pillow

Xbox neck support.

Bump has a tentative birthdate:
That’s our scheduled Csection unless she decides to hatch early. We’re hoping she stays in as long as she needs to.

Week 30, down. Tomorrow we’re on to week 31!

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2 Responses to Bump Update: Week 30

  1. Adelyn says:

    So glad things are going so great!! Well, except for the gestational diabetes…that part is not fun. One thing for me was that about the second I found out I was pregnant I started feeling guilty about everything that happened and didn’t happen. A friend told me “welcome to motherhood” lol–sort of, because it isn’t always funny. My sweet girl (who is 6) was sick last night and I was sure it was somehow my fault…like I didn’t cook the right things and so she was sick. ugh. Hang in there…I am sure you are doing a great job. Reality = great!!

  2. Jess says:

    Adorable bump in pink :-)

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